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Percentage of appendicular skeletal muscle mass reference and association with metabolic Syndrome in Korean adolescents
Da Hye Lee, Sung-Chan Kang, Seung-Sik Hwang, Yun Jeong Lee, Hwa Young Kim, Seong Yong Lee, Choong Ho Shin, Jaehyun Kim
Received December 3, 2022  Accepted April 20, 2023  
Cutoff values of body mass index for severe obesity in Korean children and adolescents: 99th percentile versus 120% of the 95th percentile
Jaewon Choe, Jaehyun Kim, Jin Soo Moon
Received February 25, 2022  Accepted March 16, 2023  
Neurocognitive and psychosocial profiles of girls with Turner syndrome
So Yeong Park, Su Jin Kim, Myeongseob Lee, Hae In Lee, Ahreum Kwon, Junghwan Suh, Kyungchul Song, Hyun Wook Chae, Bonglim Joo, Ho-Seong Kim
Received September 14, 2022  Accepted November 7, 2022  
Comparison of the effect of GnRH agonist dosage in girls with central precocious puberty
Shinyoung Jang, Su Jin Kim, Myeongseob Lee, Hae In Lee, Ahreum Kwon, Junghwan Suh, Kyungchul Song, Hyun Wook Chae, Ho-Seong Kim
Received September 2, 2022  Accepted October 27, 2022  
A Korean child with DICER1 syndrome presenting with thyroid manifestations accompanied by other types of neoplasms: case report with a review of literatures
Minji Kim, Jun Lee, Sukdong Yoo, Ji Yeon Song, Eu Jeen Yang, Seong Heon Kim, Chong Kun Cheon, Ju Young Yoon
Received August 27, 2022  Accepted October 27, 2022  
Effect of once weekly dulaglutide for juvenile type 2 Diabetes mellitus and obesity in Korea: a Pilot Study
Ji Young Seo, Cha Gon Lee, Hoonsung Choi, Hong Kyu Lee, So Young Lee, Hyo-Jeong Kim, Kyong Yeun Jung, Jin Taek Kim
Received August 23, 2022  Accepted October 5, 2022  
Familial hypobetalipoproteinemia: a novel mutation in APOB gene and review of the literature
So Yun Park, Heung Sik Kim, Mi Ae Chu, Hyo-Jeong Jang, Seokjin Kang
Received August 5, 2022  Accepted September 20, 2022  
Clinical outcomes and genotype-phenotype correlations in patients with complete and partial androgen insensitivity syndromes
Nae-yun Lee, Ja Hye Kim, Ji-Hee Yoon, Soojin Hwang, Gu-Hwan Kim, Han-Wook Yoo, Jin-Ho Choi
Received July 6, 2022  Accepted August 26, 2022  
A Korean boy with a CHD8 mutation who presented with overgrowth, intellectual disability, and autism
Chiwoo Kim, Min-Sun Kim, Eu-seon Noh, Ga young Bae, Ja-Hyun Jang, Sae-Mi Lee, Sung Yoon Cho, Jeehun Lee, Dong-Kyu Jin
Received May 26, 2022  Accepted August 9, 2022  
Turner syndrome due to Xp22.33 deletion combined with 7p22.3 duplication: A case report and literature review
Ha young Jo, Hyun Ji Jang, Young Mi Kim, Soo-Han Choi, Kyung Hee Park, Hye Won Yoo, Su Jeong Park, Yoon Hee Jo, Min Jung Kwak
Received May 17, 2022  Accepted December 2, 2022  
A case of Type A insulin resistance syndrome in a 14-year-old girl without common clinical features
Nawon Lee, Jieun Jeong, Hyejin Park, Chang-seok Ki, Jin-kyung Kim
Received April 26, 2022  Accepted June 29, 2022  
A novel compound variant in GNRHR causing congenital idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in a young male Korean patient.
Gimin Lee, Mi Seon Lee, Rosie Lee, Jung Eun Moon
Received February 25, 2022  Accepted May 11, 2022  
Central precocious puberty with hypothalamic hamartoma; the first case reports of two siblings with different phenotypes in Seckel syndrome 5
Jisun Park, Min Jun Jeon, Seri Maeng, Dae Gyu Kwon, Sujin Kim, Jieun Lee
Received February 24, 2022  Accepted May 11, 2022  
Slower progression to central puberty in overweight girls presenting with precocious breast development
Eun-Gyong Yoo, Mi Ra Kim, Mo Kyung Jung
Received February 26, 2022  Accepted May 9, 2022  
Growth hormone deficiency in a boy with Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome: A case report and review
Mo Kyung Jung, Mi Ra Kim, Eun-Gyong Yoo, Seonkyeong Rhie, Go Hun Seo
Received February 22, 2022  Accepted May 9, 2022  
The effect of hypothalamic involvement and growth hormone treatment on cardiovascular risk factors during the transition period in patients with childhood-onset craniopharyngioma
Sang Hee Park, Yun Jeong Lee, Jung-Eun Cheon, Choong Ho Shin, Haewoon Jung, Young Ah Lee
Received February 22, 2022  Accepted June 10, 2022  
Short-term effect of growth hormone treatment in childhood leukemia survivors with growth hormone deficiency
Chungwoo Shin, Min Jeong Jang, Seongkoo Kim, Jae Wook Lee, Nack-Gyun Chung, Bin Cho, Min Ho Jung, Byung-Kyu Suh, Moon Bae Ahn
Received February 4, 2022  Accepted April 25, 2022  
Case report describing a patient with diazoxide resistant congenital hyperinsulinism resulting from compound heterozygous mutations in the ABCC8 gene
Kyujung Park, Kyung In Lim, Young Bae Sohn, Hae Sang Lee, Jin Soon Hwang
Received February 25, 2022  Accepted May 11, 2022  
Metanephrine Negative Pheochromocytoma: A rare case report of dopamine-secreting tumor in an adolescent patient with NF1
Mi-Seon Lee, Rosie Lee, Sook-Hyun Park, SoonHak Kwon, Jin-Young Park, Sang-Woo Lee, So-Mi Lee, Jung-Eun Moon
Received January 18, 2022  Accepted April 8, 2022  
Combination therapy of liothyronine and levothyroxine for hypothyroidism induced dilated cardiomyopathy
Youngha Choi, Se Yong Jung, Jung Min Park, Junghwan Suh, Eun Jung Shin, Hyun Wook Chae, Ho-Seong Kim, Ahreum Kwon
Received October 29, 2021  Accepted December 14, 2021  
A case of maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 4 in Korea
Geu-Meum Park, Soo jung Lee, Ja Young Seo, Kyung In Lim
Received September 9, 2021  Accepted November 15, 2021  
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